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Recent News Jak Alnwick got through 89 minutes and change with a clean sheet still intact in the always volatile Tyne-Wear derby, but Sunderland's Costel Pantilimon was in fine form until the final whistle as Sunderland sneaked a 0-1 win at Newcastle. Alnwick was one of two minimum priced keepers in the Yahoo game that managers were rolling with as their backup in a week where if you own the popular Thibault Courtois as well,cheap jordan shoes,cheap retro jordans, the chance of Alnwick's score coming into play was a clear and present danger. What a difference a 90th minute can make though as his score would have been lifted by a clean sheet and is instead squashed by the loss. To say it won't get any easier next for the young Alnwick who is learning on-the-go -- a trip to Old Trafford. You may not want him for a backup there even if your regular keeper is fit as a fiddle. Sun, Dec 21, 2014 11:02:00 AM NBC Sports Disaster has been averted for Newcastle United as third choice goalkeeper Jak Alnwick was passed fit today after picking up a shoulder injury

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