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On Wednesday, June 24th, 2015, Mr. Ho Hoang Duc, Vice Director of VIETSURVEY has presented outstanding student awards to recorgnise the group of outstanding individuals under Sociology Faculty of Academy of Journalism and Communication on occasion of their graduation ceremony.



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The humble charm of daily life in Viet Nam villages

11 June 2015
For most of cities habitants, life is made up of routines between offices and home. We usually ride motorbikes back and forth, days after day along Hanoi streets, and many at time feel bored of seeing busy people who rarely smile under the summer heat and the rush hours


                       Painting contest
“Protect the forest and our environment“

Quang Tho Secondary school, Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh province in cooperation with Vu Quang National Park and VIETSURVEY organize painting contest about forest and environment protection.


All students of Quang Tho Secondary school can and are encouraged to participate in.

                     Picture of student

 Bao ve moi truong nuoc 1 trong cay 2

 xanh sach dep Pha rung

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