Tuan Bui Van

* Job Title: Information and Technology Officer.
* Positions: Junior Research Fellow
* History with Vietsurvey.Tuan has contributed his time and effort with Board of Directors since the establishment of VietSurvey.His engagement has been observed constantly in various projects since 2009 to 2014.He is always a loyal friend, good brother and supporting colleague to us.He taught and provided many junior fellows with valuable analysis and fieldwork skills which he earned himself through self-study and discovery.Tuan has formed his own trading business but his valuable skills, enthusiastic friendship remain our asset. 



Long Khuat Vinh

* Job Title: Project Officer

* Positions: Junior Research Fellow
*History with Vietsurvey: Long is among the innovative and smart junior fellows in Vietsurvey.He shows his critical thinking and amazingly independent working ability in any tasks assigned to him.At his age, one can hardly complete such research and evaluation reports on various issues from national reforms to particular development intervention as he does.During his time in Vietsurvey Long earned his Master Degree and also mastered a number of research analysis skills which made him a qualified researcher.Long is true friend and brother in deed and with his presence, Vietsurvey team is strongly backup.We love Long and wish his small family love, prosperity and peace.


Diệp Pham Bich

* Job Title: Project Officer

* Positions: Junior Research Fellow
*History with Vietsurvey: Diep remains an image of a smiling girl with energy and kind heart.Used to be the only girl in Vietsurvey during the first day, Diep supported the BoD in both management and technical work.Diep shows special interest and strength in qualitative study and social research.She now becomes a teacher on Sociology in a national university.We are pleased and proud of her career development as teaching and knowledge sharing is our team’s ultimate vision. 





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