VietSurvey team presented research findings on the Oxfam Hong Kong hosted “National Workshop on Agribusiness in Vietnam” on Tuesday 27th at Press Club in Hanoi.

The workshop is a part of the regional Agribusiness Business Expansion (ABE) initiative in the Mekong region by Oxfam, which particularly focuses on strengthening the livelihoods and enhancing the security of poor farmers, fisherfolk and landless laborers in targeted upland areas in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

The workshop dealt with current controversial issues such as land issue, agri-SOE reform, contract farming, and agricultural expansion policies.

Vietsurvey research team presented findings from research “Case Studies of Agri-SOE reform and Its Impacts on Communities” and “Case Studies of Contract Farming Models and Their Impacts on Incomes and Livelihoods of Small-scale Farmers” by two senior researchers, Mr. Nguyen Duc Nhat and Mrs. Tran Thi Hai respectively.

Reports received constructive feedbacks and commentary from the floor and key discussants including Prof. Dang Hong Vo, Mdm. Pham Chi Lan, Dr. Dao The Anh and partners form MPI, MARD, IPSARD, VCCI, Hanoi University of Agriculture etc. and spurred up interesting discussion for policy and research debate and INGO.

Based on the research findings, the team had made valuable recommendations for Oxfam strategic direction in the coming time including research collaboration, empowering the poor in and protecting the rights to land of farmers.

The seminar ended at 17:30 with great success and satisfaction of the participants.

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