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About the Course

Nowadays, information and quality of information play an important role in the world’s development. The accurate results collected from surveys and polls will help politicians, policymakers, managers and social activists win the heart of people and make the right decisions. The quality of information not only reflects and measures the performance of the country, organizations and individuals; it also tells informants how to improve it. Despite of living in an era of information explosion, people have limitless interests in the information and understanding on the world and people around them.

To that end, this summer, VIETSURVEY will host the First Summer Training Course, theme of “Survey design and Technique” with an objective of providing participants with knowledge on how to design and conduct a survey of high quality results. The course also teaches how to select research questions, questioning methods, questionnaire design and sampling issues. The course aims to enhance capacity of project officials and managers who could conduct and outsource survey, data collection and analysis. All participants are invited guests. The course also provides good opportunities to strengthen long-term partnerships between VIETSURVEY and partners/clients through capacity building activities.

About the Instructor

The three key instructors/lecturers of the course are:

1.    PhD. Nguyen Viet Hung –Senior  Fellow of VIETSURVEY
2.    PhD. Candidate Nguyen Duc Nhat – Senior  Fellow of VIETSURVEY
3.    PhD. Candidate Phan Tat Hien - Senior Fellow of VIETSURVEY

And assistants from VIETSURVEY data team

1.    Bui Van Tuan
2.    Khuat Vinh Long
3.    Pham Bich Diep


The training course is designed with 5 modules, / 5 designed modules of training course

Module 1: Survey design

This module is designed to provide participants with basic knowledge of definition, advantages and disadvantages of various survey templates and the logic/sequence of implementing steps in conducting a survey in development projects

Module 2: Questionnaire design

This module aims to equip participants with technique to choose types of questions, what questions to ask, types of response format, flows of questions and addressing the issue of response scales in order to receive the reliable responses and desirable research questions.

Module 3: Sampling methods

This module provides participants with a basic knowledge of sampling theory and selection/calculation methods, including: random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling. Participants will be able to use the software of designing samples and selecting samples

Module 4: Data entry with CsPro

This module provides participants knowledge and skills to design data entry forms and master data input techniques (e.g. double data entry) to ensure maximum precision of data entry process.

Module 5: Data analysis with SPSS/STATA/Matlab

This module provides participants an introduction to using SPSS to input data,  to add labels to a dataset, to produce summary statistics. It also covers basic statistical theory and it is an introduction to some of the most frequently used data-analysis techniques.


The course will take place on16-18 May 2012 at VIETSURVEY’s office
Add: 60/100 DoiCan, BaDinh, Hanoi
The training course start at 8’30 AM – 11’30 AM
And in the afternoon from 1’30 PM – 4’30 PM

Timeline                                    Morning                                        Afternoon

Day 1 – 16 May 2012                  Survey design                               Questionnaire design

Day 2 – 17 May 2012                  Questionnaire design                    Sampling method

Day 3 – 18 May 2012                  Data entry with CsPro 4.0             Introduction of data analysis with SPSS/STATA/Matlab


All detailed information and registration of the course please contact: 
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or Ms. Pham Bich Diep – Mobile: 098 298 1989 , Email: 
VIETSURVEY Research and Analysis
60/100 DoiCan, BaDinh, Hanoi
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