On 26 June 2014 in Hanoi, representatives from VIETSURVEY attended the Graduation ceremony for 47 students in class Sociology K30 held by the Faculty of Sociology of the Academy of Journalism & Communication. This is an activity within the framework of the collaboration between VIETSURVEY and the Faculty of Sociology.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Luu Hong Minh – Deputy of Faculty of Sociology, Dr. Nguyen Thi To Quyen – Deputy head of Faculty of Sociology, Dr. Pham Huong Tra – Deputy head of Faculty of Sociology, the faculty lecturers, VIETSURVEY’s representatives and students in class Sociology K30.

As one of sponsors for the Study Encouragement Fund of the Faculty of Sociology, VIETSURVEY has awarded scholarships to 03 students in class Sociology K30 who graduated with outstanding study results.


On behalf of VIETSURVEY, Ms. Vu Thi Van Anh was awarding scholarships to students with outstanding study results

DSCN7008VIETSURVEY’s representatives, Ms. Pham Huong Tra and students in Class Sociology K30 took photograph together

See also at: http://ajc.edu.vn/Doi-song-sinh-vien/Le-be-giang-va-trao-bang-tot-nghiep-cho-sinh-vien-nganh-Xa-hoi-hoc-khoa-30/17618.ajc


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