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Living environment and Climate change are some great research topics of VIETSURVEY in 2015. The research team of VIETSURVEY has been conducting researches that contribute to policy making process, media and encourage the participation of stakeholders in raising awareness, building and improve capacity, co-investment in risk management method and adapt with climate change phenomenon. More importantly, VIETSURVEY seeks to contribute to the more sustainable development of Vietnam which can harmonize its economy with living condition. 

Research topics



1. Establish data sets on experience and awareness in terms of disaster management.

Integrate with activities of leading partners related to evaluation of awareness and experience in disaster management of enterprises, communities and public service entities.

2. Evaluate and share experience about the process, result and impact of intervention activities related to climate change, disaster management  of local and international NGOs

Evaluate result and spillover impact of intervention projects. Documentation lessons learnt.

3. Deliver propaganda activities to local communities and stakeholders to maintain preservation living condition activities.

Actively coordinate with local partners to organize propaganda activities and share experience in preserving living condition.

4. Replicate studies to ASEAN region level and comparison studies.

Coordinate with research partners and international development organization especially in ASEAN region to implement comparison studies.

VIETSURVEY has now been delivering 3 activities as the first foundation for the research integration of the 4th topic in the second half of 2015.


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