In the first quarter of 2015, VietSurvey team has completed the survey on enterprises perception and exposure to climate change risk management. The unique data of this kind in Vietnam and the region would provide researchers, policy makers and social stake holders with clues and ground for technical discussion on how to induce more social attention and investment to climate change risk management, to set out proper and sound policies to engage various stake holders especially the private sector to that end.

In the same time window, another team has concluded a polls on the motor bikes market employing both sales diaries and field observations. The team could not get these surveys and polls done without technical support and collaboration from our research partners who are working in leading universities and research institutes in Japan and Australia. Our local research partners in Hanoi and the provinces are the key to our success.

We have also finalized the data entry and analysis for the pending surveys and polls in 2014 including the Reality Check Approach for Households well-being studies; the evaluation of cash transfer programs in Vietnam, evaluation of training and advocacy on REDD++ etc.

More updates will come from our coming surveys and polls.

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