On Wednesday, June 24th, 2015, Mr. Ho Hoang Duc, Vice Director of VIETSURVEY has presented outstanding student awards to recorgnise the group of outstanding individuals under Sociology Faculty of Academy of Journalism and Communication on occasion of their graduation ceremony.

The ceremony receives presence of Dr. Luu Hong Minh - Dean of Sociology faculty, Dr. Nguyen Thi To Quyen - Deputy dean of Sociology faculty, Dr. Pham Huong Tra - Deputy dean of Sociology faculty, and many teachers and students of the faculty.

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As one of the sponsors for the Studying Encouragement Fund for Sociology faculty, VIETSURVEY has awarded seven students who have excelled academically, shown personal advancement and in the areas of distinguished service to the Faculty and Academy. This awards is the annual program of VIETSURVEY which aims to recorginse and to support students’ motivation in their academic and daily life advancement. The award is also the gratitude of VIETSURVEY toward the faculty for its cooperation and support extended to our team.

In solemn atmosphere of the ceremony, teachers and students of Sociology faculty thanked for the recorgnition and support of VIETSURVEY. Mr. Ho Hoang Duc also gave a short speech showing his pleasedness for being invited to such warm ceremony and recorgnition to the awardees. He also shared the high words on the learning and working attitude of the Sociology faculty’s students. Last but not least, he was looking forward to extend the cooperation agenda to other research projects and collective activities in the future.

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2015 VIETSURVEY outstanding student awards winners are:

Outstanding students award winners

Trần Thị Phượng  from XHH 31 class

Phạm Anh Thu     from XHH34a1 class

Nguyễn Diệu Linh          from XHH34a2 class

Personal advancement award winners:

Nguyễn Thị Mỹ    from XHH 31 class       

Trần Chí Hoan     from XHH34a2 class

Community services award winners:

Nguyễn Ngọc Phú          from CTXH34 class

Trần Thị Hanh     from CTXH33 class

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