VietSurvey research teams are carrying out field research on reviewing poverty reduction models in Vietnam.

In July - August 2013, VietSurvey research teams which are comprised of our key fellows, Nhat Nguyen, Trung Pham, Linh Phan, Mai Truong, Duc Ho and Hong Pham  have conducted field research in Quang Nam, Nghe An and Yen Bai provinces. The teams have visited the poor and remote areas such as Tay Giang and Dong Giang in Quang Nam, Tuong Duong in Nghe An, Tram Tau and Luc Yen in Yen Bai where the poor and marginalized groups are populated. Another research site in the South will be selected to provide us with regional pictures on poverty reduction implementation. The teams have worked and interviewed with government officials at communes and districts, various development partners and stake holders who designed and implemented different poverty reduction models in the last decade. Various projects including programs under national 30A scheme, provincial livelihoods initiatives, micro finance projects, value chains approaches and business inclusive development projects by international donors have been discussed and triangulated among government officials, donors and local farmers. The research outputs are expected to be discussed at national forum with an aim to pick up appropriate INGOs poverty fighting approaches for local programs. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, other line ministries, mass organizations such as Women Union, and international/domestic development partners are the key audience of this research coordination. We are thankful to the cooperation of our development partners in UNDP, Iris Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children, ILO, support from Vietnam government agencies and mass organizations in all research sites and hopeful that our research efforts would boost the voice and power of small scaled and poor farmers from all over Vietnam.




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