In October 2013, Vietsurvey team has signed a contract with Department for International Development(DFID - UK) to conduct a scalability review for Vietnamese Challenge Fund (VCF) after 1 year of its completion.

The DFID commissioned Fund provided direct support to market development initiatives through a market participation challenge fund. This study aimed at drawing a complete picture of how successfully business models have been sustained, replicated, scaled up and expanded; andwithdraw a critical input for the on-going Vietnam Business Challenge Fund (VBCF).

Under the light of this philosophy, our team developed a comprehensive quantitative –qualitative toolkit for grantees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders in order to nail the research questions. We picked up 4 phenomenal businesses among VCF’s portfolio spanning state-owned enterprise, public sector, and foreign multinational enterprises.

The field researchdotted across the length of Vietnam including DakLak, Quang Tri, HaGiang and Yen Bai provinces offered us great opportunity to dig deeper in the development of inclusive marketin Vietnam. On the top of that, the image withdrawn from this review serves as a clear evidence for the sustainability and scalability of a business model which exerts positive impact for the poor while the commercial profit is ensured.

Slow-released fertilizer produced by cassava brown skin in Quang Tri.

Vietsurvey team conduct Interview with the workers at semi-washed coffee factory

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