After three weeks with 20 training hours, the "Online Research Method" which was held in collaboration of Vietsurvey and Audsiv has come to the end. Topics of the course such as Online Research, Social Network Analysis seem very new in Vietnam. In a short time of opening, the course has attracted a lot of people with different working backgrounds, ranging from development areas such as VCCI, CCHIP as well as private and business areas like Qsoft, Baxco Pharma...After the course, all learners have found their own ways to put in to practice knowledge they accquired from the course as well as new directions for further development on research field.

Besides basic knowledge of the online environment and the social media network, learners were introduced to use online data collection tools such as NodeXL, VOSON and directly conducted analysis on their own social networks.

Toan Bui, salesman of Qsoft Vietnam, showed in his presentation how to analyze data from Twitter with NodeXL which helped him assess level of interaction, strength/weakness of the relationships associated with his Twitter account. "As a software developer, I need to capture information quickly about new trends in the field. By using NodeXL, I can determine where information clues of IT software get most of people's interest. Following these individuals will help me to update faster about new software market trends from them" - Mr Toan said.

SNA03Ms. Hanh, manager of Baxco pharmaceutical company, made the best of the ability of visualizing social relationship on Facebook of NodeXL. This will not only help her to identify groups of " friends" on Facebook, but also to point out the links between these social groups she has. Hanh said "Besides, analysis of connections to websites of other pharmaceutical companies can help me to identify developing trends of the pharmaceutical market"

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Chi, the officer of Institute of Journalism and Communication, has explore the possibility of applying analysis of social relationships to media,  marketing campaigns planning. " We can use NodeXL in network analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses ,width, depth of relationships between individuals through nodes, links in the network, thereby determine the node points which are capable of spreading information and most influential in the network "

The next Online Research Methodod course is expected to launch in Jan 2014 at Institute of Journalism and Communication. By orgainizing these courses, we are taking first footsteps in the  way to a new online research community in Vietnam.

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