Climate change and adaptation research with cross cutting issues in energy, environment, agriculture, disaster management are instrumental to global growth and regional development and sustainability. Together with our international partners and fellows from France and Sweden, we aim to build up a reliable database and apply new innovation and initiatives to address our own natural problem and threats in Vietnam and ASEAN region.

What we have done: Our team’s latest research was carried out a choice experiment in Nghe An province which allows us to estimate the choice preferences of local habitants regarding the assurance against natural disasters such as flood and hurricane.

Our team focuses on the following:

Disaster management activities: Disaster management plan and communication during disaster time. Research on policy coordination and informal support sources among local communities.

Water sector and adaptation strategy: Deploy research and training and capacity building program to enhance knowledge and change behavior of people to mitigate 

For more information please contact our team coordinator and team leader

Climate change team’s news

Our team has completed survey and analysis on testing local people preference against disaster assurance payment in Nghe An province. Read more 



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