We carry research and policy analysis on governance and institutional reform in Vietnam and the region toward inclusive and responsible growth, fighting poverty and increasing equality and justice. Our team carries both academic and applied research. We focus on how better governance could improve people life and living. We aim to better understand the rationale and dynamism of governance and institutional reform in Vietnam and the region through building up rigorous data base and analysis on the reform process in the region. 

What we have done: Our team conducted high profile research and assessment on State owned Enterprises reform in Vietnam for National Economic and Social Development Strategy, State farm reform for land and rural development reform; public administrative reform assessment, NGO capacity and institutional analysis for better governance and the role of decentralization to investment and economic growth etc.

We plan to expand our experience and share knowledge with the regional government and research community in the following core research themes:

Public Administration reform: Design and implement effective public administration reform and impact assessment.  

Decentralization and local governance: local governance as a new source of reform and growth for transition economies.

SOEs reform: Design and implement effective roadmap for SOEs reform in the regions.

Land use right reform: More right and power for people through land use right reform

For more information please contact our team leader Nhat Nguyen at

Governance team’s news

Mid-term evaluation of “Improvement of computer usage and public internet access” project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Read more

Fellow of VIETSURVEY Governance team speaks at 2013 ASEAN Conference “Educating ASEAN Societies for Integrity – The Role of Educators and Students in Building Integrity”. Read more

Our team is carrying joint research project with IDS colleagues in investing the causality between local governance reform and private investment. Read more 

Food price volatility and policy coordination in Vietnam. Read more


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