Tourism and eco-responsibility have become a main theme of Vietnam development strategy as it not only creates job and generates income but sustain our living environment and valued culture. As tourism is now recognized in the academic research, we aim to build up a reliable database on Vietnam tourism statistics with regards to hospitality, tourism, leisure time use. Upon this, our team with experienced international and local experts would carry economic and industry research to provide the tourism operators and policy makers with quality analysis and recommendations. Most of our activities cover the poor and remote communities and regions.

What we have done: Our team carried out a number of data collection and synthesis regarding tourist and tourism industry. At the moment, together with Vietnam National Agency of Tourism (VNAT) and General Statistics Office (GSO), VIETSURVEY  team owns  unique and reliable data on national and provincial tourism statistics. We also conducted a number of baseline surveys and M&E missions for different provinces in Vietnam. Our team keeps supporting our research partners in building up their capacity of collecting data, doing research and policy making.

Research themes:

M&E and impact evaluation for tourism intervention project: Design Monitoring and Evaluation system based on log frame and result chain approaches. Conduct M&E missions including survey and data collection activities. 

Perception on the services quality: Deploy training and capacity building program, experiment, intervention programs to selected local community to build up champions and success stories for mindset and actions from farmers, government and donors.

Length of stay and tourist expenditure: Design and implement value chain analysis across the key agriculture sectors in Vietnam such as, rice and subsistence crops, coffee, rubber and other cash crops, goat, pig, buffalo and cows, sea foods and related products.

Land use right reform: land grab and right and power of farmers in real life and in the course of land use right reform and industrialization process.

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Tourism research team’s news

Our team has completed analysis on Hoi An tourists survey in Quang Nam province, providing policy makers and local stake holders with practical finding and recommedation. Read more

Developed M&E system for ILO in-land tourism project by ILO and Quang Nam province. Read more

Developed M&E system for ESRC project by EU Delegation and VNAT. Read more


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