The course provides participants with an introduction to using SPSS to input data, add labels to a dataset, produce summary statistics.
It also covers basic statistical theory and an introduction to some of the most frequently used data-analysis techniques.
You will receive copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations and suggested reading lists which can be provided by VIETSURVEY.

Course Content:

Following an overview of the main features of SPSS and an introduction to essential terminology, you will proceed logically through the following

Lecture 1: Introduction to SPSS and SPSS data entry
* Getting familiar with SPSS windows and menus
* Understanding key SPSS concepts
* Defining and coding variables
* Entering data
* Importing data from other programs applications

Lecture 2: Descriptive statistic procedures
* Using frequencies procedure to describe variables
* Using descriptive procedure to summarize continuous variables
* Using crosstabs procedure to form two-way tables of categorical variables
* Using means procedure to calculate subgroup means and related univariate statistics

Lecture 3: Data transformations
* Merging data from two files
* Recoding variables
* Selecting subsets of the data
* Splitting data files
* Computing values
* Count value within cases

Lecture 4: Graphs and other applications
* Building and editing charts
* Transferring output to other formats
* Using syntax


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