The course provides participants with knowledge and skills to design data entry forms and master data input techniques (e.g. double data entry) to ensure maximum precision of your data entry process.

You will receive copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations and suggested reading lists which can be provided by VIETSURVEY.

Course Content:

Following an overview of the main features of CSPro and an introduction to essential terminology of data input, you will proceed logically through the following:

Lecture 1: Getting started with CSPro
Introduction to CsPro
Create a Application
Introduction to Data Dictionary
Introduction to Data Entry Form
Advantages and Disadvantages

Lecture 2: Data Dictionary (download: slide; Questionnaire and Reference material)
Identification item
Creating, Adding, Modifying Record (Record properties)
Creating, Adding, Modifying Item (Item properties)
Value label

Lecture 3: Data entry form
Move Data Dictionary to Data Entry Form
Some of requires before generating Form
Generating Form
Display form interface in Vietnamese
Data input
Writing Logic

Lecture 4: Tools
Comparing datasets for errors in double entry mode
Export data (Excel, SPSS, SAS and Stata files)
Concatenate two or more data files
Reformatting data


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