The course is designed to help students have a great command of using NVIVO7 software in analyzing qualitative data. In addition, this course also supply students with basic knowledge of qualitative survey design and implementation

You will receive copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations and suggested reading lists which can be provided by VIETSURVEY.

Course Content:

Throughout the course, students will go thoroughly over the following:

Lecture 1: Introduction to qualitative research method and procedure of analyzing qualitative data
Strength of qualitative research
Data Collection
Sampling in qualitative research
Procedure of implementing qualitative research
Analyzing qualitative techniques

Using software in management and analysis qualitative data

Lecture 2: Creating and Managing Data
Creating and Importing sources
Managing data: Cases, Attributes and Sets
Editing and Linking data

Lecture 3: Coding data and Models
Coding and working with coded data
Relationships and others nodes to handle ideas

Lecture 4: Querying the data and report
Finding items and querying the data
Exploring patterns in matrices
Reporting and showing report


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